Download First Lie Wins PDF by Ashley Elston

First Lie Wins PDF by Ashley Elston

First Lie Wins: A Book

Download the book First Lie Wins PDF, written by author Ashley Elston and published by Pamela Dorman on January 02, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 352 pages.

Title:First Lie Wins
Author:Ashley Elston
Publication:Pamela Dorman
Publication date:2 January 2024
Total Pages:352
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.7 MB
First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston book information.

About the book

The identity is first. The first lie wins. Evie Porter is given a mark and an identity to go with her new life for the moment by Mr. Smith, her elusive boss. Ryan Sumner is her mark and Evie dives right into a relationship with him. She awaits orders from her boss on just what it is she supposed to get from Ryan. Evie is not her real name, neither was Helen, or Wendy, or Mia. Things start going haywire and she feels like she is being tested and won’t come out on the good end of it all. Oh but our Evie has something up her sleeve. I might have cheered a bit when everything played out.

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