Girl Made of Glass PDF by Shelby Leigh

Girl Made of Glass PDF by Shelby Leigh

Girl Made of Glass: A Book

Download the book Girl Made of Glass PDF, written by author Shelby Leigh and published by Central Avenue Publishing on January 24, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 144 pages.

Title:Girl Made of Glass
Author:Shelby Leigh
Publication:Central Avenue Publishing
Publication date:January 24, 2023
Total Pages:144
Document type:PDF
File Size:5.22 MB
Girl Made of Glass by Shelby Leigh book information.

About the book

If you think often about the past or battle with overthinking and self-esteem, girl made of glass is for you. This collection is about finding yourself, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself. It explores the many ways our past haunts us, but will leave you feeling hopeful about your future.

girl made of glass is a poetry collection about how our past—past mistakes, relationships, and regrets—can linger into our future. Broken into four parts, this book is about finding, forgiving, and loving ourselves. The Nightmares explores our past and the moments that haunt us. The Mirror delves into insecurity and how we might haunt ourselves. The Shattering investigates relationships and how they can break us. The Enchantment delivers an uplifting conclusion of self-love and growth.

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