The Guest PDF by B.A. Paris

The Guest PDF by B.A. Paris

The Guest: A Book

Download the book The Guest PDF, written by author B.A. Paris and published by St. Martin’s Press on February 20, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 320 pages.

Title:The Guest
Author:B.A. Paris
Publication:St. Martin’s Press
Publication date:20 February 2024
Total Pages:320
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.3 MB
The Guest by B.A. Paris book information.

About the book

Iris and Gabriel have just arrived home from a make-or-break holiday. But a shock awaits them. One of their closest friends, Laure, is in their house. The atmosphere quickly becomes tense as she oversteps again and again: sleeping in their bed, wearing Iris’ clothes, even rearranging the furniture.

Laure has walked out on her husband―and their good friend―Pierre, over his confession of an affair and a secret child. Iris and Gabriel want to be supportive of their friends, but as Laure’s mood becomes increasingly unpredictable, her presence takes its toll.

Iris and Gabriel’s only respite comes in the form of a couple new to town. But with them comes their gardener, who has a checkered past.

Soon, secrets from all their pasts will unravel, some more dangerous than they could have known.

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