Immune by Philipp Dettmer PDF

Immune by Philipp Dettmer PDF

Immune Philipp Dettmer PDF: In this post, we will provide the Immune Book Kurzgesagt written by Philipp Dettmer. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Hodder & Stoughton. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

Immune by Philipp Dettmer PDF

Through wonderful analogies and a genius for clarifying complex ideas, Immune is a truly brilliant introduction to the human body’s vast system for fighting infections and other threats. With his trademark wit and intellectual deft, Dettmer helps us understand not just the beautiful and strange mechanics of human immune responses, but also what works (and perhaps more importantly what doesn’t work!) when seeking to bolster immunity.

Immune reads as if it’s a riveting sci-fi novel, as Philipp Dettmer takes you on a journey into the body for an up-close look at the armies of expert warriors, rogue gladiators, and stealthy detectives that protect you in the daily war against trillions of ruthless microbe enemies.

We thoroughly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the immune system, it really is a great read and a high-quality book that will make a great addition to anyone’s collection. As a student nurse, this gives a refreshing take on multiple aspects of the immune system which can easily become tiresome within other books.

Immune covers every key aspect of immunology, even the beautiful stuff that you previously only got to learn at university, but introduces each concept at the right time and with great analogies so that anyone can understand it and discover the hidden world inside us.

This is a book with the potential to change how you view yourself, give you a valuable perspective that can make you feel better in the face of disease, and give you the tools to understand the challenges of our current world. You won’t regret reading it. Really do recommend it for people who want to understand the immune system better but find it complex to understand.

About Immune Kurzgesagt Book PDF

Book Name:Immune: The new book from Kurzgesagt
Author:Philipp Dettmer
Genre:Medicine & Health Science
Pages:368 Pages
Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton
Release Date:2 November 2021

Philipp Dettmer is the founder and head writer of Kurzgesagt, one of the largest science channels on Youtube with over fifteen million subscribers and one billion views. After dropping out of high school at age fifteen, Philipp met a remarkable teacher who inspired in him a passion for learning and understanding the world. He went on to study history and information design with a focus on infographics.

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  1. Being a M.D. I know this stuff quite well, but Philipp Dettmer’s way of presenting it makes it much more fun to read, and easier to remember details than in the ordinary textbooks and scientific articles. Everything seems very well researched; no misinformation. Best of all, Dettmer makes it all into an action movie replete with awesome stunts.
    The chapters are exemplarily short, making the reading flow fast and easy.

    There are also sections on the Corona pandemy, vaccines, and vaccine hesitancy. They too are very well written and uncontroversial.
    Danke schön, Philipp!


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