India that is Bharat PDF Free Download

India that is Bharat PDF

India that is Bharat PDF Free Download: We are excited to share with you the book “India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution” written by J Sai Deepak. So you can download it in the Hindi language. The book is published by Bloomsbury India.

India that is Bharat PDF

Sai Deepak builds a strong decolonial argument disengaging from modern Western orthodoxy of the either/or, and proposes instead the decolonial logic of neither/nor. He does it by means of a detailed and careful reconstitution of knowledge, ways of knowing, and patterns of sense that were destitute and continue to be so in the name of progress, democracy, and economic development, all under the mantra that more is better.

J. Sai Deepak has begun something here that needs serious attention. It also suggests that significant support is required to develop its proposals further in directions not yet explored. Through this magisterial trilogy, advocate, and scholar J. Sai Deepak successfully fills a huge vacuum in the corpus of decolonial scholarship from a uniquely empathetic Indian perspective.

In a masterful manner, Sai Deepak traces the global history of colonialism, India’s unfortunate tryst with it, and, importantly, inquires about its impact on the emergence of colonial consciousness.

A must-read tribute to the Indic civilization for anyone serious about understanding the pernicious trajectory of invasive colonialism and the lingering colonial consciousness in the ‘independent’ Indian (or should we term this as he does, Bharateeya) mind, and how to consciously work towards reversing it.

The book is a must-read for everyone who is interested in understanding the relationship between the consciousness of the world’s oldest surviving indigenous civilization and the Constitution of the world’s largest democracy.

About India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution PDF

Book Name:India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution
Author:J Sai Deepak
Publisher:Bloomsbury India
Pages:484 pages
Release date:15 August 2021

J. Sai Deepak is an engineer-turned-litigator, practicing as an arguing counsel primarily before the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi. A mechanical engineer from Anna University, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law from IIT Kharagpur’s Law School in 2009 and has carved a niche for himself as a litigator in civil commercial, and constitutional matters.

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