[PDF] Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII PDF Book Free Download

Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII PDF Book Free Download

Download Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII PDF Free: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII Book PDF written by Khan Sir Patna. So you can download it in the English language. This book published by Kiran Prakashan. Stay tuned with this post and let’s enjoy it.

Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII PDF Summary:

Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII is a set of two books. These books are very helpful for students for their examinations. In the first book is 6000+ Facts of NCERT Indian Polity and Constitution for Class VI to XII, and in the second book is 3000+ Facts of NCERT Indian Polity and Constitution.

Chapter-wise Contents from 1st Book:

  1. Pre Historic Era
  2. Indus Valley Civilization or Harappan Civilization
  3. Vedic Civilization and later Vedic Era
  4. Religious movement during 6th century BC
  5. Mahajanpad era and rise and growth of Magadh
  6. Foreign Invasion
  7. Maurya Dynasty
  8. Post Maurya era (184-30 BC)
  9. Foreign invasions during later Maurya
  10. History of extreme south and Sangam era
  11. Gupta dynasty
  12. Post Gupta era
  13. Pre Medieval era
  14. The arrival of Islam and Arab Turk attack
  15. Delhi Sultanate
  16. Religious dynasties of North and South India
  17. The religious movement of 15th and 16th century
  18. Mughal Empire
  19. Shivaji and Maratha empire
  20. Post-Mughal era and rise of regional dynasties
  21. The arrival of European companies to India
  22. Impact of British rule on economy
  23. Revolt of 1857
  24. Mass and movement between 1757 to 1858
  25. Growth of Education in India under British rule
  26. History of Indian News Papers
  27. Social and religious reform movement
  28. Peasants, Labour, and leftist movement
  29. Indian national movement
  30. Constitutional development of India
  31. Governor, Governor-General, and viceroy
  32. Art, culture, and related facts
  33. World History
  34. Questions asked in previous years and their answers
  35. Important Map

Chapter-wise Contents from 2nd Book:

  1. Constitutional development of Indian Polity
  2. The process of making of Indian Constitution
  3. The Preamble of Indian Constitution
  4. Union and its territories
  5. Provisions related to citizenship
  6. A fundamental right, the Directive principle of the state policy and Fundamental duties
  7. Union executive
  8. Indian Parliament
  9. Indian Judiciary
  10. Governance of States
  11. State legislative and Union territories
  12. Local Self government
  13. The administration of scheduled and tribes area
  14. Union state relationship
  15. Services Under Union and States
  16. Election and Election Commission
  17. Special provision related to some class
  18. Different Commission and Councils etc.
  19. Amendment in Indian Constitution and articles

Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII PDF Details:

Book Name:Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII
Author:Khan Sir Patna
Genre:Government Exams
Pages:400 pages
Publisher:Kiran Prakashan
Release Date:7 December 2020

About the Author:

Khan Sir Patna is a teacher who runs a YouTube channel as well named ‘Khan GS Research Centre’ which has close to 2 million subscribers. He lives in Patna, Bihar. He also runs his institute in Patna Bihar. He has impressed many students with his unique style of teaching. He uses virtual reality to explain different topics in Hindi.

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