Download Modern Divination PDF by Isabel Agajanian

Modern Divination PDF by Isabel Agajanian

Modern Divination: A Book

Download the book Modern Divination PDF, written by author Isabel Agajanian and published by Amazon Kindle on September 18, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 376 pages.

Title:Modern Divination
Author:Isabel Agajanian
Publication:Amazon Kindle
Publication date:18 September 2023
Total Pages:376
Document type:PDF
File Size:1.3 MB
Modern Divination by Isabel Agajanian book information.

About the book

Magic has always been something that Aurelia controlled. So when her control starts to slip, it is hard to believe there is nothing more sinister than roiling within. Her unease only increases when he is involved. Theodore Ingram is arrogant, and spoiled, and his snide pretention cuts deeply. He is the last person she would run to for help, the last she would trust with her secrets and her magic. But when a greater threat looms, Aurelias thorns are met with unexpected new ground.

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