Modi@20 Book PDF Free Download

Modi@20 Book PDF

Modi@20 Book PDF Download: In this post, we provide the Modi@20 Dreams Meet Delivery book in Hindi written on the life of Narendra Modi. Rupa Publications India published this book. Let’s read the full article and download it in the Hindi language.

Modi@20 Book PDF

Modi@20 Book contains many chapters on PM Modi’s life which are written by Sudha Murty, Sadhguru, Nandan Nilekani, Amish Tripathi, BlueKraft Digital Foundation, Amit Shah, Arvind Panagariya, S. Jaishankar, Lata Mangeshkar, Ajit Doval K.C., P.V. Sindhu, Shobana Kamineni, Surjit S. Bhalla, Pradeep Gupta, Anantha Nageswaran, Shamika Ravi, Uday S. Kotak, Ajay Mathur, Anupam Kher, Ashok Gulati, Dr. Devi Shetty, Nripendra, Manoj Ladwa, Bharat Barai & Others.

Section 1 is about the social impact of Modi. Double Olympic medallist P.V. Sindhu writes on youth connect, Shobana Kamineni of the Apollo Group analyses women empowerment and economist Surjit Bhalla deploys an academic framework to understand the impact of Modi’s policies in terms of its reach to those at the bottom of the pyramid and in eradicating poverty.

Section 2 deals with the political impact of Modi. Amish Tripathi, writes on the cultural revival under Modi. Amit Shah writes on the political journey of the BJP under Modi. Pradeep Gupta tells us through numbers and data how Modi has forever changed the way elections are contested in India.

Section 3 is on the economic policy of Modi. India’s Chief Economic Advisor Anantha Nageswaran discusses the unique ability of Modi to think big and then execute it at scale. Professor Arvind Panagariya writes on economic reforms under Modi. Dr. Shamika Ravi writes on microeconomics with unique data analysis skills and how Modi empowers the poor. Uday S. Kotak writes deals with the philosophy of respecting and encouraging wealth creators.

Section 4 is about a new paradigm of governance brought about by Modi. Ajay Mathur explores the frictionless interplay between development and environmental protection that has been the hallmark of Modi for years. Anupam Kher builds a persuasive case of why Modi, contrary to the conventional wisdom of not trusting a politician, is the most trusted man in times of crisis.

Ashok Gulati writes on the management of the farm sector. Dr. Devi Shetty analyses the governance response in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Nandan Nilekani tells us how Modi integrated technology into day-to-day governance and made it an indelible tool of governance.

Nripendra Mishra explains the dynamics of what goes into the outstanding execution abilities of Modi. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev illustrates the processes of mass movements as force multipliers in governance. Sudha Murty mirrors the changes that happened in the Modi years.

Section 5 is about how India deals with the rest of the world under Modi. Ajit Doval writes on national security matters under Modi. Manoj Ladwa and Bharat Barai, narrate through personal anecdotes the method behind the unique diaspora strength that Modi has been able to muster. Dr. S. Jaishankar lays out their foreign policy of Modi.

Content of Modi@20 Dreams Meet Delivery Book

  • Section One: People First
    • Why Modi is the Undisputed Youth Icon by P.V. Sindhu
    • New Grammar of Women’s Empowerment by Shobana Kamineni
    • The success of the People-Centric Approach by Surjit S. Bhalla
  • Section Two: Politics of Unity and Development
    • Modi, the Bhagirath Prayaasi by Amish Tripathi
    • Democracy, Delivery, and The Politics of Hope by Amit Shah
    • Changing Elections and Electioneering Forever by Pradeep Gupta
  • Section Three: Jan Dhan: An Economy for Everyone
    • Thinking Big and Executing in Scale by Anantha Nageswaran
    • Towards a Prosperous Indią by Arvind Panagariya
    • Micro-revolutions That Improved the Lives of Ordinary Citizens by Dr. Shamika Ravi
    • Private Enterprise and Nation-Building by Uday S. Kotak
  • Section Four: A New Paradigm in Governance
    • Environmental Sustainability_and Economic Development: Convergence in Practice and Action by Ajay Mathur
    • Modi: The Man India Trusts in a Crisis by Anupam Kher
    • Agriculture: Good But Can Be Better by Ashok Gulati
    • Fighting the Pandemic: Leading from the Front by Dr. Devi Shetty
    • Imagining Technology As a Governance tool by Nandan Nilekani
    • No Shadow Between Idea and Reality by Nripendra Misra
    • Demonstrating Democracy by Sadhguru
    • Then Came the Winds of Change by Sudha Murty
  • Section Five: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: India and the World
    • Tackling Adversaries through Strong and Effective National Security Policies by Ajit Doval, K.C.
    • The Emergence of a Global Phenomenon by Manoj Ladwa, Bharat Barai
    • Foreign Policy: Vision and Achievements by Dr. S. Jaishankar

About Modi@20 Dreams Meet Delivery PDF

Book NameMODI@20: Dreams Meet Delivery
Author24 Authors
Pages458 Pages
PublisherRupa Publications India
Release Date1 May 2022

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