The Biggest Bluff PDF Download

The Biggest Bluff PDF

The Biggest Bluff PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide The Biggest Bluff Book written by Maria Konnikova. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Fourth Estate. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

The Biggest Bluff PDF

For the aspiring poker player, this is your bible. For the non-aspiring poker player but anyone else who is curious about the overlaps between luck and skill in life and decision making this book is a deep dive into the various elements of life and how to straddle them with confidence and have faith in your skills.

If you are interested in deeply exploring the relationship between luck and skill then this is for you. It has some really interesting concepts to think about and some great poker stories. This is a book where the author confronts exactly those desires, within herself. She uses poker in a holistic manner to take her on that journey, and the results are impressive.

This is also one of the books in a new trend that sheds light on letting go of the need to control what you can’t, while also not completely giving up on building the skills to control what you can. It has a great balance of storytelling and lessons on luck, life, and everything in between.

As the book progresses, you can feel Maria’s love for Poker and its depths develop, and you’ve brought along on that ride. The reflection on the relationship between life and Poker leaves you with a lot to consider. Maria Konnikova explores the similarities between life and poker, explores the concept of risk and risk perception, and draws very valuable lessons for anyone (regardless if you play poker or not).

About The Biggest Bluff Book PDF

Book Name:The Biggest Bluff
Author:Maria Konnikova
Pages:368 pages
Publisher:Fourth Estate
Release Date:20 August 2020

Maria Konnikova is the author of Mastermind and The Confidence Game. She is a regular contributor to the New Yorker and has written for the Atlantic, New York Times, Slate, New Republic, Paris Review, Wall Street Journal, Salon, and WIRED, among many other publications.

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