Henry Kissinger Leadership PDF Free Download

Henry Kissinger Leadership PDF

Henry Kissinger Leadership PDF free download: We are excited to share with you the book “Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy” written by Henry Kissinger with 528 Pages.

Henry Kissinger Leadership PDF

The consummate diplomat and statesman Henry Kissinger examines six great figures of the twentieth century and presents a unifying theory of leadership and diplomacy. In this remarkable book, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger weaves together two threads through his long and distinguished career. Leadership combines historical case studies with political biographies that seamlessly weave the dance and the dancer together.

The best leaders, according to Henry Kissinger, “think and act at the crossroads of two axes: the first is between the present and the future, and the second is between their own values and aspirations and those of their followers. It is essential that they balance what they know, which is necessarily based on the past, with their intuition about the future, which is inherently hypothetical. Leaders are able to set objectives and lay down a strategy when they have this intuitive grasp of direction.”

His book Leadership explores the lives of six remarkable leaders through the distinctive strategies of statecraft they espoused. Using what Kissinger calls “the humility strategy,” Konrad Adenauer brought the defeated and morally bankrupt Germany back into the community of nations after the Second World War. “The strategy of will” led Charles de Gaulle to reunite France with the victorious Allies and revitalize its historic grandeur.

In the Cold War, Richard Nixon’s “equilibrium strategy” gave the United States a geostrategic advantage. Anwar Sadat’s “strategy of transcendence” brought peace to the Middle East after twenty-five years of conflict. By implementing the “strategy of excellence,” Lee Kuan Yew created a powerhouse city-state, Singapore. In spite of Britain’s reputation as “the sick man of Europe,” Margaret Thatcher revitalized the country’s morale and international standing by using “The Strategy of Conviction.”

It is an outstanding book that should be studied and restudied by all political leaders, aspirants, and students of statecraft and leadership. In this book, Henry Kissinger provides an elegant and economical peek into the minds of six significant world figures he knew in varying degrees and whose lives he has studied with his usual insight and flair for stylish encapsulation.

Most notable is that Kissinger here moves from the traditional statecraft he ascribes to Richard Nixon — the strategy of equilibrium — to reflect admirably on five other approaches to leadership — perhaps most surprisingly, Margaret Thatcher’s strategy of conviction — and celebrate approaches very different from those he himself has been acclaim for since his first book, A World Restored, written more than 70 years ago. Thus, he is still capable of novelty at the age of 99. We should all be so open-minded at that age if we ever get there.

About Henry Kissinger Leadership Book PDF

Book NameLeadership: Six Studies in World Strategy
AuthorHenry Kissinger
GenrePolitics & Social Science
Pages528 Pages
PublisherPenguin Press
Release Date5 July 2022
File TypePDF & Epub

The former US Army General Henry Kissinger taught history and government at Harvard University for twenty years following his service in the Second World War. The former secretary of state served as national security advisor under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and he also advised many other American presidents on foreign policy.

As well as the Nobel Peace Prize, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Medal of Liberty. The author of numerous books and articles on foreign policy and diplomacy, most recently On China and World Order, he has authored a number of books and articles on foreign policy and diplomacy. An international consulting firm, Kissinger Associates, Inc., is currently led by him.

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