The End of Race Politics PDF by Coleman Hughes

The End of Race Politics PDF by Coleman Hughes

The End of Race Politics: A Book

Download the book The End of Race Politics PDF, written by author Coleman Hughes and published by Thesis on February 6, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 256 pages.

Title:The End of Race Politics
Author:Coleman Hughes
Publication date:February 6, 2024
Total Pages:256
Document type:PDF
File Size:7 MB
The End of Race Politics by Coleman Hughes book information.

About the book

As one of the few black students in his philosophy program at Columbia University years ago, Coleman Hughes wondered why his peers seemed more pessimistic about the state of American race relations than his own grandparents–who lived through segregation. The End of Race Politics is the culmination of his years-long search for an answer.

Contemplative yet audacious, The End of Race Politics is necessary reading for anyone who questions the race orthodoxies of our time. Hughes argues for a return to the ideals that inspired the American Civil Rights movement, showing how our departure from the colorblind ideal has ushered in a new era of fear, paranoia, and resentment marked by draconian interpersonal etiquette, failed corporate diversity and inclusion efforts, and poisonous race-based policies that hurt the very people they intend to help. Hughes exposes the harmful side effects of Kendi-DiAngelo style antiracism, from programs that distribute emergency aid on the basis of race to revisionist versions of American history that hide the truth from the public.

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