The Girl in The Glass Case PDF Download

The Girl in The Glass Case PDF

The Girl in The Glass Case PDF Download: Here we will provide The Girl in The Glass Case book written by Devashish Sardana. You can easily download it through the links given on our website in the English language.

The Girl in The Glass Case PDF

The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana is a jaw-dropping psychological crime thriller book. This book definitely keeps you engaged till the very end making it a memorable read for you. The story of this book is well crafted and presented in the best way possible.

The book follows the story of two serial killers. And read about both of their journeys is very intriguing. The twists and the mysteries that unfold are worth waiting for. The book has a lot of surprises to offer you. It’s one of the books that are very hard to write but the author has done a commendable job.

The writing is so gripping that you may even finish off the book in one sitting. With easy and lucid language as the cherry on top. The author deserves a lot of appreciation for his crisp narration and for addressing so many important issues like LGBTQ+ and mental disorders. If you need a crazy and twisted thriller this is for you.

The story is about two serial kills it’s a story about dolls, no not Anabella, but they’re a bit creepy too, or are they? This tale is about the murder of 3 girls found inside a glass case. We follow a police detective named Simone Singh as she investigates and solves the murder mystery cases of the victims, who are found dead and arranged in a glass case covered with Barbie doll clothes. Yes, it seems spooky, but the whole story is far more chilling. It’s scary, but also incredible.

About The Girl in The Glass Case Read Online

Book NameThe Girl in The Glass Case
Author NameDevashish Sardana
Total Pages344
Release Date10 January 2022
PublisherPenguin Ebury Press

Devashish Sardana is the author of the bestselling The Apple, which won the second prize among 5000 entries at the Amazon India Pen-to-Publish Literary Award 2019. Devashish is a small-town boy from India. After graduating from IIM Ahmedabad, he sharpened his storytelling skills as a brand builder in a Fortune 100 company for over ten years.

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