Download The Long Game PDF by Elena Armas

The Long Game PDF by Elena Armas

The Long Game: A Book

Download the book The Long Game PDF, written by author Elena Armas and published by Atria Books on September 05, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 384 pages.

Title:The Long Game
Author:Elena Armas
Publication:Atria Books
Publication date:5 September 2023
Total Pages:384
Document type:PDF
File Size:3.8 MB
The Long Game by Elena Armas book information.

About the book

Adalyn Reyes is an executive for a professional soccer team. After a PR nightmare that puts the team in a bad light, she is sent to help run a girl’s youth team in a small town far from Miami. She meets Cam/Cameron, the coach and retired pro soccer player who is trying to go unnoticed in the town. Adalyn has trauma from her father (team owner) and past relationships. Cam has his own trauma that is revealed through the course of the novel as well. Their aversion to each other is the first obstacle they have to get through – and both are grumpy and prideful which adds funny banter. The alternating POV works well. The Long Game also includes a cast of young characters – the girls on the Green Oak Warriors – who help Adalyn and Cam as they open up to each other. There’s nothing like the frankness of an 8-10-year-old to offer perspective!

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