Download There Are No Saints PDF by Sophie Lark

There Are No Saints PDF by Sophie Lark

There Are No Saints: A Book

Download the book There Are No Saints PDF, written by author Sophie Lark and published by Lark Publishing on October 07, 2022, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 360 pages.

Title:There Are No Saints
Author:Sophie Lark
Publication:Lark Publishing
Publication date:7 October 2022
Total Pages:360
Document type:PDF
File Size:1.6 MB
There Are No Saints by Sophie Lark book information.

About the book

Mara is a young struggling artist living with other young artists. She and her fellow artist roommates try to find the spotlight one show at a time. When leaving an art show one night she is knocked out and kidnapped taken to the woods where she is left on a path naked, bound, and with her wrists cut. Mara doesn’t know who did this or why but she does know that the most beautiful man she’s ever seen walks up to her and just stares down at her before walking away and leaving her for dead. She doesn’t know it yet but that man who found her like that and left her there is Cole Blackwell the city’s most popular artist. Cole Blackwell values control. He’s the hottest sculptor in San Francisco, wealthy, successful, and respected. His only weakness is the dark impulses he carefully conceals so when his biggest rival in the art world and in the serial killer world Alastor Shaw kidnaps Mara and leaves her on that path for Cole he walks away so that he doesn’t give in to impulse. When he finds out Mara survived the attack he becomes intrigued with Mara which leads to an obsession. This book is very similar to YOU but better in my opinion. You have a serial killer/stalker and a young poor artist fighting their attraction for each other. It’s a mix of true crime and romance. The chemistry between them is hot. The beginning is a bit slow and didn’t have much action but it did get better. It does end on a cliffhanger.

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