The Wealth Money Can’t Buy PDF by Robin Sharma

The Wealth Money Can't Buy PDF by Robin Sharma

The Wealth Money Can’t Buy: A Book

Download the book The Wealth Money Can’t Buy PDF, written by author Robin Sharma and published by HarperCollins Publishers on April 9, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 424 pages.

Title:The Wealth Money Can’t Buy
Author:Robin Sharma
Publication:HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:9 April 2024
Total Pages:424
Document type:PDF
File Size:2 MB
The Wealth Money Can’t Buy by Robin Sharma book information.

About the book

The Wealth Money Can’t Buy will hardwire in a completely new way of measuring wealth. We inhabit a world where the common idea of success requires you to hustle and grind, to sacrifice your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, and to miss out on the finest times with those you love to scale a mountaintop of financial fortune, fame and material possessions.

Yet money is only one form of wealth. A truly abundant life includes seven other forms of wealth. With proven tactics, Robin Sharma—legendary leadership advisor to many of the world’s most successful people and a personal mastery expert trusted by tens of millions of people across the world—will help you to stop chasing the wrong kinds of riches—which can waste years—so you can get directly on track to making a life you absolutely adore.

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