200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna PDF by Deep Trivedi

200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna PDF

200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna PDF: We are excited to share with you the book “200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna” written by Deep Trivedi. This book aims to uncover lesser-known facts and truths about Lord Krishna that may challenge the traditional understanding of his teachings and life.

200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna PDF

Krishna is one of the most popular personalities, most loved men, and most worshipped figures in the world, but how much do you really know about him? In reality, did Krishna steal the gem from Syamantaka? Dwarka prostitutes were Krishna’s victims, did he rehabilitate them? Krishna really had 16,108 wives, right? How many of Krishna’s family members died in front of him?

It is true that you only have limited knowledge of Krishna from television shows. The stories that have been told about his life have been contorted and convoluted beyond comprehension by these portrayals! How can one distinguish fact from fiction in such a scenario?

With the sole aim of releasing Krishna’s admirers from fictitious narratives, Deep Trivedi, an author of bestselling books like “I am Krishna”, “I am The Mind”, “101 All-Time Great Stories”, “The Black Book Of Soul”, “3 Easy Steps To Win At Life” and many others, presents “200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna”, which is a compilation of all ancient scriptures that have been thoroughly researched.

Thorough research of 30 scriptures, including the Mahabharata, Harivansha Puran, Bhagavata Puran, and Garga Samhita, led to the writing of this book, which will provide a comprehensive picture of Krishna’s life that will leave you feeling the need to read any other related texts or scriptures. The 200+ unheard shocking truths about Krishna will shock you! In addition to English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati, this book is available in all major bookstore stores and online book retailers.

About Deep Trivedi Books PDF Free Download

Book Name200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna
AuthorDeep Trivedi
GenreReligion & Spirituality
Pages248 Pages
PublisherAatman Innovations
Release Date14 August 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

Dr. Deep Trivedi is an eminent and prolific author as well as a speaker in the field of spiritual psychodynamics. As part of his unique DeepTalks series, he discusses numerous topics related to human life such as joy, success, confidence, and functions of the mind, DNA, and genes, as well as fear, ego, hypocrisy, and complexes. A national record has been set by him for delivering the Most Lectures on Human Life, according to the Indian Book of Records, demonstrating how much he understands human life.

His marathon series on Bhagavad Gita was also recognized by the India Book of Records as a new national record for the most lectures on Bhagavad Gita, which lasted 168 hours, 28 minutes, and 50 seconds. The lectures were delivered live across India to a live audience. They are currently aired every Sunday morning between 10 am and 11 am on the EPIC channel, with a repeat every Saturday from 11 pm to 12 midnight on the EPIC channel. There is already a great demand for the DVDs and audio CDs of these lectures all over India and they can be found on all leading e-commerce websites.

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