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Ramayana Unravelled PDF Book Summary

Ramayana is the only epic that has moved the consciousness of millions. Over the centuries, countless storytellers have been inspired by the story of Rama across the subcontinent because of its appeal. A wide variety of people have retold the Ramayana in their own language, adding their own unique flavor. Jain poets to Bhavabhutis, Kamban to Goswami Tulsidas were among them. There are still many questions about Rama’s story, despite its popularity and popularity. How did Rama’s childhood and youth shape him?

That is one of the key questions addressed in Ramayana Unravelled. Rama’s agreement to go on Vanvas – was it solely out of obedience to his father or did it have a deeper meaning? What was the relationship between Rama and Seeta like? Considering the characterization of Seeta, Shurpanakha, Kaikeyi, and Tara, is the Ramayana inherently misogynistic? What led to the downfall of Ravan? Throughout the Ramayana, Ami Ganatra resolves conundrums and illustrates why the epic is so loved today.

The legend of Shri Ram is presented brilliantly by Ami. Throughout history, this timeless tale has been handed down from generation to generation, millennium after millennium. Written in easy and powerful language. This is a good gift idea for all age groups. Ramayana is our itihasa, our history. Rama is our ancestor. Rama and Ramayana are often criticized today because of certain incidents that are often discussed out of context and which are mainly intended to embarrass or insult our great religion, history, and culture.

It is estimated that there are several hundred versions of Ramayana, some of which have many deviations, which are sometimes used to set these narratives and biases (such as killing Shambuka). The author of this book addresses some of these misconceptions and criticisms and asks readers to “expand our own boundaries of perception” and read Ramayana (and Mahabharata) with genuine curiosity rather than dismissiveness. The last five chapters are brilliant. There is an explanation of different aspects of Rama’s personality, of Ram Rajya, as well as the characteristics of an ideal king in these stories. Excellent explanations of what Rama and Seeta did and why were found in the final chapter about their relationship.

Details of Ramayana Unravelled PDF by Ami Ganatra

Book NameRamayana Unravelled
AuthorAmi Ganatra
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages236 Pages
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing India
Release Date28 July 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

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Ami Ganatra graduated from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). Besides being a management professional, she is also a devout yoga practitioner and a yoga instructor who studies Sanskrit and Indian knowledge systems. Both Mahabharata Unraveled and Ramayana Unravelled are not retellings or imaginative reworkings but an effort to present the epic’s story, learnings, and nuances in their original forms and make them accessible to everyone.

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