365 Panchatantra Stories PDF Free Download Hindi

365 Panchatantra Stories PDF Free Download

365 Panchatantra Stories Pdf: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the 365 Panchatantra Stories book in Hindi written by Om Books Editorial Team. Perry. So you can download it in the Hindi language. This book was published by Om Books International. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

365 Panchatantra Stories PDF

It’s a great book with many stories and It’s so addicting. You, kids, will love to hear the story and enjoy the pics in this book. Each story has pictures that are very catchy so tough if you don’t like the story just with pictures you can say your own story from the picture.

Panchtantra stories are always good. Children are attracted to this book and it looks good it is very well suitable for them. It has small and meaningful stories. Kids will definitely enjoy it. Traditional stories to read for small children. It is a great book with good illustrations.

This is an awesome book, having short stories, surely every kid and even grown-ups would like to read. It has interesting stories that make it a delightful companion for children. One thing is must take time out for your baby, be with them, tell stories in your way, prepare the moral of the story and make sure it’s conveyed to your kid.

Because of the colorful pictures in the story, children do not get bored and they can understand the content well. Panchtantra stories impart wisdom with fun. Some stories are too small and don’t end with learning for kids. But nice way to teach children with lots of pictures.

The illustrations are colorful and engage children. It has been easier to tell stories at bedtime now. You can give your own moral considering which way you want the story to flow and the moral you need to imbibe. Must download for those kids who love to read the stories every day.

Pehla Tantra-Mitrabhed (Mitron Mein Manmutav Evam Algav):

  1. Bandar Aur Lakri Ka Khoonta Panchtantra
  2. Siyar Aur Dhol Panchtantra
  3. Vyapari Ka Patan Aur Uday Panchtantra
  4. Dusht Sarp Aur Kauve Panchtantra
  5. Moorakh Sadhu Aur Thag Panchtantra
  6. Ladte Bakre Aur Siyar Panchtantra
  7. Bagula Bhagat Aur Kekda Panchtantra
  8. Chatur Khargosh Aur Sher Panchtantra
  9. Khatmal Aur Bechari Joon Panchtantra
  10. Ranga Siyar Panchtantra
  11. Sher Unt Siyar Aur Kauva Panchtantra
  12. Titihari Ka Joda Aur Samudar Ka Abhiman Panchtantra
  13. Moorakh Batooni Kachhua Panchtantra
  14. Teen Machhliyan Panchtantra
  15. Hathi Aur Goraiya Panchtantra
  16. Sinh Aur Siyar Panchtantra
  17. Chidiya Aur Bandar Panchtantra
  18. Goraiya Aur Bandar Panchtantra
  19. Mitra-Droh Ka Phal Panchtantra
  20. Moorakh Bagula Aur Nevla Panchtantra
  21. Jaise Ko Taisa Panchtantra
  22. Moorakh Mittar Panchtantra

Doosra Tantra – Mitrasamprapati Ya Mitralabh:

  1. Sadhu Aur Chooha Panchtantra
  2. Gajraj Aur Mooshakraj Panchtantra
  3. Brahmani Aur Til Ke Beej Panchtantra
  4. Vyapari Ke Putra Ki Kahani Panchtantra
  5. Abhaga Bunkar Panchtantra

Teesra Tantra-Kaakolukeeyam (Kauve aur Ulluon Ki Katha):

  1. Kauve Aur Ullu Ka Bair Panchtantra
  2. Hathi Aur Chatur Khargosh Panchtantra
  3. Billi Ka Nyaya Panchtantra
  4. Bakra Brahmin Aur Teen Thag Panchtantra
  5. Kabootar Ka Joda Aur Shikari Panchtantra
  6. Brahmin Aur Sarp Panchtantra
  7. Budha Aadmi Yuva Patni Aur Chor Panchtantra
  8. Brahmin Chor Aur Daanav Panchtantra
  9. Ghar Ka Bhed Panchtantra
  10. Chuhiya Ka Swayamvar Panchtantra
  11. Moorkhmandali Panchtantra
  12. Bolnewali Gufa Panchtantra
  13. Vansh Ki Raksha Panchtantra
  14. Kauve Aur Ullu Ka Yudh Panchtantra

Chautha Tantra-Labhdhpranash (Hath Lagi Cheej Ka Hath Se Nikal Jana):

  1. Bandar Aur Magarmachh Panchtantra
  2. Mendhakraj Aur Naag Panchtantra
  3. Sher Geedad Aur Moorakh Gadha Panchtantra
  4. Kumhar Ki Kahani Panchtantra
  5. Geedad Geedad Hai Aur Sher Sher Panchtantra
  6. Sher Ki Khaal Mein Gadha Panchtantra
  7. Ghamand Ka Sir Neecha Panchtantra
  8. Siyar Ki Ran-Neeti Panchtantra
  9. Kutte Ka Vairi Kutta Panchtantra
  10. Stree Ka Vishwas Panchtantra
  11. Stree-Bhakt Raja Panchtantra

Paanchva Tantra-Aparikshitakarakam (Bina Parkhe Kaam Na Karein):

  1. Prarambh Ki Katha-Aparikshitakarakam Panchtantra
  2. Brahmani Aur Nevla Panchtantra
  3. Mastak Par Chakra Panchtantra
  4. Jab Sher Ji Utha Panchtantra
  5. Char Moorakh Pandit Panchtantra
  6. Do Machhliyan Aur Ek Mendhak Panchtantra
  7. Sangeetmay Gadha Panchtantra
  8. Do Sir Wala Julaha Panchtantra
  9. Brahman Ka Sapna Panchtantra
  10. Vanarraj Ka Badla Panchtantra
  11. Rakshas Ka Bhay Panchtantra
  12. Andha Kubda Aur Tristani Panchtantra
  13. Do Sir Wala Pakshi Panchtantra
  14. Brahman-Karkatak Katha Panchtantra

About 365 Panchatantra Stories Hindi PDF Download

Books Name:365 Panchatantra Stories
Author:Om Books Editorial Team
Genre:Children & Young Adults
Pages:236 pages
Publisher:Om Books International
Release Date:1 January 2019

Part of Indian folklore for ages, the Panchatantra consists of five books of animal fables and magic tales that were compiled between the third and fifth centuries AD. One of India’s most significant contributions to world literature, these stories, with most birds and animals as main characters, make the assimilation of life lessons they impart easy.

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