Lords of the Deccan by Anirudh Kanisetti PDF

Lords of the Deccan by Anirudh Kanisetti PDF

Lords of the Deccan Anirudh Kanisetti PDF will be provided here. Lords of the Deccan PDF is an assured and supremely entertaining account of a clamorous, tumultuous and little-known period of Indian history – the early medieval Deccan period. You can easily download the Lords of the Deccan: Southern India from the Chalukyas to the Cholas book through the links given on our website in the English language.

Lords of the Deccan Anirudh Kanisetti PDF

This book is a story about this time when the Deccan ruled India: an epic journey through five hundred years of a history that has long been forgotten. Anirudh Kanisetti talks about the rise of Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas in this book. This book tells a thrilling half millennial tale of India South of the Vindhyas.

The book starts with the rise of the Chalukyas of Vatapi and their deadly struggle with the Pallavas of Tamilakkam. And concludes with the revived imperium of the Chalukyas of Kalyana. The author describes with human personalities of the men who assumed the title of Sri Prithvi Vallabha – Emperors of the Deccan.

This book will improve our knowledge of Indian history. It describes their gory struggles with the rivals in Tamilakkam as well as central India. It paints vividly imaginative verbal pictures of the lavish courts and glittering ceremonies of these powerful rulers. The book also touches upon the economic developments through the ages and global trade linkages forged by mighty merchant guilds of the age.

The book will take you to an age of war elephants, temple-building queens, and wrestling princes and will make you immensely proud to be part of this shared history of our incredible country. If you want to know South India’s rich history then must read this book.

Book Contents:

  • Part I: Dawn-The Rise of the Chalukyas
    • Harsha’s Laughter
    • Pulakeshin’s Blood
    • Vikramaditya’s Revenge
    • Great Goddess
  • Part II: Apogee – The World of the Rashtrakutas
    • The Elephant Fort
    • To Kailasha
    • King of Poets
  • Part III: Twilight- The Kalyana Chalukyas and the Chola Empire
    • King of Kings
    • Lord of the Moon
    • Fortune’s Favourites

About Lords of the Deccan by Anirudh Kanisetti PDF

Book nameLords of the Deccan
AuthorAnirudh Kanisetti
Release Date30 January 2022

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Lords of the Deccan PDF Free Download

Anirudh Kanisetti is a history researcher and writer based out of Bengaluru and Hyderabad. He currently works at the Museum of Art and Photography. He has received grants from the Princeton Center for Digital Humanities and the India Foundation for the Arts, and his writings and work have been featured in The Hindu, The New Indian Express, LiveMint, and The Print, among others.

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