Indian Economy Key Concepts by Shankarganesh Karuppiah PDF

Indian Economy Key Concepts by Shankarganesh Karuppiah PDF

Indian Economy Key Concepts by Shankarganesh Karuppiah PDF: Key Concepts of Economy by Shankarganesh Karuppiah 7th edition available here in Hindi, Tamil & English language. You can easily download it through the links given on our website in Tamil, Hindi & English languages.

Indian Economy Key Concepts by Shankarganesh Karuppiah PDF

Indian Economy: Key Concepts 7th edition, is a remarkable text aimed at explaining the basic, yet most relevant, concepts of the Indian Economy in a concise, lucid and comprehensive way. It is completely revamped with extensive use of tables, charts, and figures for better understanding.

Replete with examples to complement almost all concepts, the book is focused on clarifying core concepts that are necessary to understand any application of theories whatsoever. The practical application of each concept is discussed to be able to integrate them with real situations in the Indian context.

This is one of the best Indian Economy books for UPSC CSE. Your economic fundamentals would get stronger after reading this book. The concepts are nicely explained in as simple language as it should be… anyone who doesn’t understand the basics can go through this book for two-three readings and will be a lot helpful for UPSC and other competitive exams also.

Book Highlights:

  • The New edition marks the 10 anniversary of this book
  • Updated Chapter on Poverty and Unemployment with the addition of topics – Periodic Labour Force Survey and Payroll Reporting in India: An Employment Perspective
  • Updated Chapter on Indian Financial System – Money Market with the addition of topics Special Market Operations covering Operation Twist and Long-Term Repo Operations
  • Updates on Priority Sector Lending, Non- Performing Assets, and Basel Norms based on RBl’s latest Master Directions/Circulars
  • Updates on FDI based on RBl’s Master Circular
  • Addition of concepts like Foreign Investment, Downstream Investment, and Indirect Foreign Investment

Shankar Ganesh Karuppiah Book Contents

  • Introduction to Economics
  • National Income
  • Human Development
  • Poverty and Unemployment
  • Public Finance
  • Constitution and Indian Economy
  • Indian Financial System-Money Market
  • Indian Financial System-Capital Market
  • Money Stock Measures
  • Inflation and Deflation
  • External Trade and Capital
  • World Trade Organisation (WTO)

About Shankar Ganesh Economy Book Latest Edition PDF

Book nameIndian Economy Key Concepts
AuthorAnirudh Kanisetti
Release Date01 February 2022
PublisherMcGraw Hill

Sankarganesh Karuppiah is an Indian Revenue Service officer; currently working as Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax Department in Chennai. A Postgraduate in Economics, he is the author of the best-selling book – Indian Economics Key Concepts, an authentic source for all competitive examination aspirants and also for general reference. The Tamil version of this book titled ‘Indhiya Porulatharam Mukkiya Karuthukkal’ was selected as the best Economics book published in Tamil in the Year 2016 by the State Government of Tamil Nadu.

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