Maharanas by Omendra Ratnu Books PDF Download

Maharanas A Thousand Year War for Dharma PDF

Maharanas by Omendra Ratnu Books PDF Download will be provided here. The book was published by Prabhat Prakashan on 17 April 2022. You can easily download it in Hindi & English through the links given below on our website.

Maharanas by Omendra Ratnu Books PDF

This book will reveal the truth of the greatest Dynasty, not just the greatest Hindu Dynasty, not just the greatest Dynasty of Bharat, but the Greatest Dynasty in the world: The Sisodiyas of Mewad. The book questions the whitewash of the deeds and lives of the great Maharanas, especially the greatest of them; Maharana Pratap Singh.

A place of refuge to which the Moslems might flee from the Rajput fury was not to be found. The Mughals were vanquished within three generations of Akbar as natural justice would have it, but the Hindus who stood firm against the marauding armies and often fought with nothing but their bare hands and raw guts, still live on.

The people who gave their families to the purity of fire, and themselves to the purity of swords, live on in our memories even today the people because of whom we are Hindus today, as the heirs of the oldest dharma thriving on this globe. In those subterranean retreats in the rocks of Chittor fort, the Hindu women of Mewar conveyed the clearest and most direct message to the Islamic invaders and fellow-Hindus-that honor and freedom is non-negotiable.

By that one act of Jauhar; Maharani Padmini ossified the Hindu-Muslim struggle in the subcontinent and all chances of co-existence with alien forces were put to flames in those embers rising out of the Jauhar.

There is not a pass in the alpine Aravallis that is not sanctioned by some deed of Pratap-some brilliant victory or oftener, more glorious defeat. Haldighati is the Thermopylae of Mewar; the fields of Dewar, her Marathon. This book will arouse in you the sleeping Kshatriya and will remind you that honor and pride do not define the man, they are the man.

Maharana Book by Dr. Omendra Ratnu PDF Free Download

Book nameMaharanas: A Thousand-Year War for Dharma
AuthorDr. Omendra Ratnu
Release Date17 April 2022
PublisherPrabhat Prakashan

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