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Because I Want You PDF Book Summary

Roselyn Vega:- The moment Gabriel De Lucawaltzed into the nightclub where I was bartending, looking like he had just stepped out of the pages of GQ Magazine: Wall Street Edition, it seemed fated. Ten years had passed since I had seen him, but it felt as if nothing had happened. When he asked me how I ended up bartending for one of the most feared crime bosses, I told him all I knew. Having trusted him from the beginning, I confided everything in him. His disappearance that night made me very concerned for both of our safety.

After a week, he shows up acting differently, walking differently, and even looking different, but I’m so relieved that he’s okay that I barely notice. Several nights later, I realize that it wasn’t Gabriel who walked into the club, but his brother, who broke into the apartment in the middle of the night. It was he who, unlike Gabriel, followed his father’s footsteps into the world of organized crime and, as such, was extremely infuriating, domineering, and dangerous. In order to go with him, I am required to pack my bags. Although I refuse, fight, and argue with Dominic De Luca, one thing that always remains the same is that he gets his own way.

Dominic De Luca:- There’s a code between brothers. I should know. I have a lot of them. Don’t lie. Don’t steal from each other. Don’t f each other’s women without permission. Since my brother, my first best friend, the guy who shared my womb with me, failed to tell me that Roselyn Vega, the bartender he’d been seeing, was my sister, that last particular situation made it a little less black and white. Of course, he wouldn’t tell me. Now it makes sense why he left a voice message before he completely disappeared. “Take care of her. Don’t f her.”

A code problem (read: the code) usually wouldn’t be an issue, but this time it’s a little tricky. As you know, Rosie was mine before he took her away ten years ago, and many things have happened since then. Even though I’ve changed and my circumstances have changed, I still can’t help but feel an obnoxious, confounding crush on Rosie. Yeah, that’s still the same. He warned me not to do anything and left her in my care, but I’m not making any commitments.

Details of Because I Want You PDF by Claire Contreras

Book NameBecause I Want You
AuthorClaire Contreras
Pages308 Pages
PublisherWicked Pen
Release Date14 September 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

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Claire Contreras is a New York Times Bestselling Author who turned to write fiction after obtaining a psychology degree. Don’t worry, she still uses every single bit of knowledge she has on every single one of her characters. Having been born and raised in the Dominican Republic, raised in Florida, and currently living in Charlotte, NC with her husband, two adorable boys, and a French bulldog, she is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Over fifteen languages have been translated into her books, which range from romantic suspense to contemporary romance. She usually spends her time reading when she is not writing.

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