Better Than Best Friends Book PDF Free Download

Better Than Best Friends Book PDF

Better Than Best Friends Book PDF Free Download: “Better Than Best Friends” is a book written by Ahona Sadhu, a renowned relationship expert. The book is designed to help readers strengthen their friendships and form deeper connections with others. The book is intended to help readers build stronger and more meaningful relationships with the people in their lives. It may also be useful for people who are looking to make new friends or improve their social skills.

Better Than Best Friends Book PDF

This is the story of two best friends who struggle against society for their relationship. There is a gay love story in this book, and they talk about how they deal with all the problems and still love each other, and they always make sure to stand by each other. A great point was made by the author about LGBTQIA+ community members going through struggles and how they should cope with them.

It is a book that I believe everyone should read. Also, I believe that Better Than Best Friends is important to read because it shows how love is equal for everyone and that society should accept everyone despite their differences. It’s a love story about LGBTQ people.

There are so many emotions that this book will make you feel, but the one that will top them all is adorableness and warmth. The author has done such an amazing job, it’s really something you want to read in order to refresh yourself. The book is really heartwarming. This is a heartwarming story that is not easy to put down after reading it just once. After reading the second time, you’ll find a different feeling of emotions. 

About Better Than Best Friends Book Read Online

Book NameBetter Than Best Friends
AuthorAhona Sadhu
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages162 Pages
PublisherNotion Press
Release Date2 February 2020
File TypePDF

Ahona Sadhu studies English Literature at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. With the help of K-pop and drama series from multiple Asian countries, she explores their keen interest in global cultures. They are also encouraged to learn new languages from time to time as a result of this. Since writing has become a therapeutic activity for them, she writes prose fiction on a variety of online platforms when time permits. The LGBTQIA+ community, in all its efforts and causes, is one of its most important goals, especially after gaining access to more resources.

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