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Book of Night PDF Book Summary

Holly Black’s first adult fantasy is set in a world of shadow magic. There are four types of gloamists, people who have the ability to manipulate shadows: Alterationists, Carapaces, Puppeteers, and Masks. It is only very recently that people have become aware of them despite the fact that they have existed forever. The protagonist, Charlie Hall, works with gloamists in her capacity as a thief and pickpocket, stealing tomes and other gloamist tools. Recently, she’s given up her thieving career to become a bartender.

Living with her boyfriend Vince and her sister, Posey, who wants to become a gloamist, she hopes to become a gloamist one day. There are people who steal the shadows of others in this complicated world. It is possible for shadows to feed on their owners and eventually become blights. For her urban fantasy, Ms. Black has created a unique setting. Despite enjoying her YA books, I expected Maas’ approach to transitioning from YA to adult fiction, which seems to include more sex and swearing. There is nothing ‘fantasy’ about this book at all. There is a complex world and magic setting with fascinating characters.

Charlie is, at heart, a loser. Despite her efforts, she does not usually succeed in doing the right thing. That’s just what the con in her finds more interesting. I love Charlie with all her flaws and street smarts. The main reason she is in a relationship with Vince is that he pays half her rent and is easy to get along with. The other characters are interesting and well-written. Charlie lives in a world where most people are morally gray or even evil, but that’s just how things are.

The story starts slowly, which is fine since I needed time to get used to the magic system. Furthermore, the story alternates between chapters focusing on the pasts of both Charlie and Vince as it builds towards the drama that is at stake. There are a number of college and mill towns along the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts, which reinforce the story’s urban feel. Holly Black is not only the Queen of Faeries. Besides being a diva of adult fantasy, she is also becoming a queen of adult fantasy, in my opinion.

Details of Book of Night PDF by Holly Black

Book NameBook of Night
AuthorHolly Black
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages320 Pages
PublisherTor Books
Release Date3 May 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

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Author of speculative fiction and fantasy novels as well as short stories and comics, Holly Black is the #1 New York Times bestselling author. More than 26 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide, and she has had her work translated into 30 languages and adapted for film. A secret library is in the basement of the house where she lives with her husband and son in New England. Book of Night is her adult fiction debut.

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