Breaking History PDF by Jared Kushner

Breaking History PDF by Jared Kushner

Breaking History PDF: We are excited to share with you the book “Breaking History: A White House Memoir” written by Jared Kushner.

Breaking History PDF

There are 59 main chapters in this book, which has a total of 465 pages. The book ends with an Acknowledgements, Notes, and Index section, which is followed by a Photos section. In addition to pictures of Kushner with his family, there are many pictures of him with world leaders. This memoir begins with a Preface that explains some of Kushner’s motivations for writing it, and what he hopes readers will take away from it.

A bitter family feud had resulted in unexpected betrayals and his father was arrested in 2004, which turned out to be a defining moment for him. It is a dramatic start to a book, since Kushner’s father, was facing charges of transporting a prostitute across state lines after setting up his brother-in-law… Kushner discusses some of the biggest influences in his life in the first chapters of the book. It covers his grandparents’ experiences surviving the Holocaust, Harvard, and the challenges he faced as a real estate investor during the 2008 recession.

It was through her father’s suggestion that he meet up with Ivanka to discuss potential real estate deals that he met her. There is almost an impression that you can hear Trump’s voice saying these things in the conversations that he recalls. Early chapters set the tone, as Kushner certainly knows how to create a story that will keep you engaged. Throughout the book, Kushner recounts his experiences with the Trump campaign, clashes with Chris Christie (who had attacked Kushner’s father), and the early days of the Trump administration.

To officially work in the administration, Kushner and his family moved from New York to DC. As the negotiation process progressed, he described conflicts with Steve Bannon and difficulty juggling Trump’s tweets and important negotiations. In addition to describing his experiences with Trump and world leaders, Kushner also features portions describing his family life and personal thoughts. Kushner recalls private conversations and interactions that were never made public, which allows you to get a slightly different perspective on a variety of publicized events.

As a whole, the Breaking History book is informative, but it can also be surprising and fascinating at times. This book has provided a slightly different perspective on Kushner, as well as some of the people he mentions in the book. The insight provided by such an uncommon glimpse into this world has value, and I hope people can overcome modern political tribalism and absorb it.

About Breaking History: A White House Memoir PDF

Book NameBreaking History: A White House Memoir
AuthorJared Kushner
GenrePolitics & Government
Pages512 Pages
PublisherBroadside Books
Release Date23 August 2022
File TypePDF or EPUB

The founder of Affinity Partners, an investment firm with global operations, is Jared Kushner. His previous roles include Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump and CEO of Kushner Companies. Additionally, he founded Cadre and WiredScore, both technology companies. Fortune named him one of its 40 under 40 in 2015, and Time named him one of its 100 most influential people in 2017. As a result of his work on the USMCA trade agreement, Jared received the Aztec Eagle Award, Mexico’s highest honor.

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