Come As You Are PDF Download by Emily Nagoski

Come As You Are PDF

Come As You Are Book PDF Free Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Come As You Are” written by Emily Nagoski.

Come As You Are PDF

All adults should be required to read this book as part of their standard reading material. In a very positive way, it revolutionizes how people think about genitals and sex (in a very positive way). I would recommend that you read this right now if you are considering buying this book. It’s a must-read. The focus of this book is on women who identify as gay, bisexual, or otherwise biologically female, but it contains valuable information that anyone can benefit from.

It is easy to read and understand, relevant, nonjudgmental, encouraging, and informative, and includes examples that are realistic and relevant. Current science and studies. This book is life-changing. It is an essential product for anyone who has a vagina or who comes into contact with vaginas on a regular basis. This should be required reading for everyone. There’s a lot more to sexual wellness than covering the basics, which is why this book won’t leave you yawning (unlike Vagina Bible, which is a snooze). The purpose of this book is to offer you the ultimate practical guide to troubleshooting your love life, regardless of whether you are single or partnered.

However, that does not mean it’s full of quick fixes-it’s certainly not. The process of healing isn’t easy or quick, but it is much easier when you have someone like Emily who is willing to light the path ahead for you and put everything in perspective as you move forward. It took Emily Nagoski’s book Come As You Are to prove that one of the most important factors in creating and maintaining a sex life that is filled with confidence and joy is not what the parts are or how they are organized, but how they feel about them. She used groundbreaking science and research to prove this.

There have been many women who have taken away from Nagoski’s accessible and informative guide over the years since the book was first published that things such as stress, mood, trust, and body image are not peripheral factors in a woman’s sexual well-being; they are a central aspect of it, and by just being yourself, you are already sexually whole even if you don’t always feel like it.

A revised and updated edition of the book continues that mission with new information and extensive research to demystify and decode the science of sex, enabling everyone to achieve a better sex life and discover more pleasure than they ever imagined possible. A must-read book for anyone interested in how sexual desire works and why some couples don’t have sex and what can be done to resolve the issue. I highly recommend this book. All couples who want to have a clear understanding of their own sex life and to know how to deal with the ups and downs will find that Come As You Are is a most useful guide.

It is a must-read! In this book, Emily Nagoski has written one of the most important books ever written about sex that a woman (or anyone else, for that matter) could ever read, full of insights that are both fascinating and of profound use. It is my firm belief that Comes As You Are will open minds and change lives by combining new research and theory about sexuality with old-school sex-positive information that you would never have learned in sex education, unless, perhaps, you are a Unitarian, Scandinavian, or lucky enough to be a student of Dr. Nagoski’s class.

About Come As You Are Emily Nagoski PDF

Book NameCome As You Are EPUB
AuthorEmily Nagoski
GenreWomen’s Health
Pages400 Pages
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Release Date2 March 2021
File TypePDF & EPUB

Known for her New York Times bestselling novel Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life, Emily Nagoski is also the co-author of Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle, which was published in 2015. Her education includes a Master of Science degree in counseling as well as a Ph.D. in health behavior, both from Indiana University.

This is a comprehensive guide that explains how sex works, demystifies it, and decodes it. Interested in learning more about female genitalia and the latest research on it? Of course, you do. With this enticing read, you’ll discover a sex-positive viewpoint that empowers and promotes empowerment at its finest. Nagoski’s book deserves praise for its rare achievement of bringing together pop science and the sexual self-help genre in an engaging way that isn’t insufferably twee and commonplace. The science of arousal and desire is presented in a friendly and accessible way in Come As You Are, which offers hard facts on the subject.

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