God of Malice Rina Kent PDF

God of Malice Rina Kent PDF

God of Malice Rina Kent PDF: Everything from enemies to lovers’ romances is written by Rina Kent, an international bestselling author. The dark is her playground, suspense is her best friend, and twists are like food for her brain. Nevertheless, she’d like to believe she’s romantic at heart, so don’t take her hopes too seriously.

God of Malice PDF

As the first book in any series, the first book sets the fictional world, reveals the major characters, and establishes the mood. Moreover, it also gives us an insight into the next books or the couples we might see in them. As for this first book not only doing that but also making us wish Rina Kent would publish books for each of the characters in this book, I’m not lying.

Whether this is the first or the last book in the series, whichever couple it features, they all have something to say, and they ensure we will be entertained wholeheartedly. Take advantage of this opportunity and dive into the book without wasting any time debating whether you should read it or not.

As far as the present book is concerned, it is amazing. Killian was Aiden 2.0. As simple as that. His own family is unable to understand his thought process, but when he meets Glyndon, he begins to crumble piece by piece. A man who doesn’t understand love or emotions starts to feel it, though initially he doesn’t realize the intensity of his feelings towards Glyndon, ultimately he realizes it and doesn’t shy away from accepting it and expressing it.

For Glyndon, she faced her own demons with the help of Killian, and she triumphed! The story was good, but Killian was better. The main character is an unapologetic psychopath. However, the main female leads of the authors are all portrayed with the same weak, betrayed by my body, I want it but at the same time protest-too-much personalities. In that respect, Glyn was like her mother, aunts, and the other girls who will follow. Wishing for more personality in the next female lead.

There is no doubt that God of Malice is the most deliciously written Dark College Bully romance with a questionable mental hero who will make you downright quake for what he is yet whose obsession will paint a Dark and Wild painting that only his object of affection can really appreciate and value and for him to love her in his own fucked-up way with a different kind of love language that only he will understand and value and values.

There are many genres in this book, such as college rivalry, secret society theme, enemies to lovers, and others, but nothing overlaps, and the plot is fast-paced and perfect. Chemistry was very twisted here but it was so good.

A spin-off of the Royal Elite series and All the Truths duet, God of Malice tells the story of revenge. Those books have evolved into this new generation. The fact that Killian is a mystery himself reminded me of Aiden King’s character. Despite living up to the King’s name and not bowing to anyone, Glyndon is a mixture of both of her parents.

As this is the first book in her Legacy Of God series, I can say quite simply that it was incredible. There are similarities between Killian and Glyndon, but that’s where their similarities end. Killian can only be understood and accepted by Glyndon. Keeping his demons at bay while protecting her heart, she tries to clear his mind and keep his demons at bay without knowing everything. They have a brutal, raw, all-consuming, passionate relationship!

About God of Malice EPUB

Book NameGod of Malice
AuthorRina Kent
Pages446 Pages
PublisherBlackthorn Books
Release Date14 July 2022
File TypePDF & Epub

The heroes she admires are anti-heroes and villains because she fell in love with the guys that no one rooted for. Throughout her books, there is a touch of mystery, a good amount of angst, a bit of violence, and lots of intense passion. Her private life is spent in a peaceful town in North Africa where Rina daydreams of plot ideas or laughs like an evil mastermind when they come to fruition.

The series begins with God of Malice, featuring Killian Carson (the son of Asher and Reina) and Glyndon King (the daughter of Levi and Astrid). It is evident throughout the entire book that there are other second-generation couples in the series, and I have already started speculating about them.

However, Killian and Glyndon are superior…for the time being. A guy from a rival school doesn’t frighten Glyndon because she’s a King. Killian is a psycho but we love him for it. As he obsesses over Glyndon, he loves her with everything he has, even though it may not seem so at first. This dynamic between these two is incredible, and I’m smitten.

It takes you no time at all to become engrossed in Rina’s writing in God of Malice, so you’re immediately transported into the world she has created. Characters are so unique, yet they all reflect aspects of their parents. There is an insane amount of steam here, and the non-con trope actually surprised me because Rina crafted it in such a way as to appeal to the reader. Their chemistry was amazing, and despite being misunderstood and suffering trauma in their lives, the two pieces of the puzzle fit together nicely.

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