Rise of a Queen PDF

Rise of a Queen PDF

Rise of a Queen PDF: Hi, guys in this article we will share Rina Kent’s newly released book on 19 November 2020. Blackthorn Books has published this book with a total of 289 pages in the English language. You can easily read online and download this book from here.

Rise of a Queen PDF

This is definitely nice a book. The relationship between Aurora & Jonathan was portrayed beautifully. Their progress and character development was the highlight. Both of them thought that they were incapable of feeling emotions but they eventually couldn’t resist displaying their true selves in front of each other.

Jonathan was seemingly human and not just the work machine that he was portrayed to be in the Royal Elite Series. Aurora barged into his life and crumbled his walls. The way he started to care about Aurora and constantly worried about her was so entertaining.

Aurora was such a strong match for Jonathan. She was strong, stubborn, defiant and capable of handling herself just fine. She gave Jonathan a hard fight and called him out in his face. She was not afraid of him and they were literally equal.

The way Aurora was. constantly reminded that she looked like Alicia didn’t dull her spirit. She said she stopped living her life after the incident with her father but she didn’t even realize that when Jonathan came along, she started enjoying the little things that she did when she was a child.

The scenes between Aiden and Jonathan are super. Aurora is magnificent but Jonathan is ultimate. The story builds quite nicely and there is enough suspense there. 2 strong individuals both Real and getting to know them will be fun. Harris and Layla need their stories. Want to understand Layla’s Daddy’s business?

About Rise of a Queen Rina Kent PDF

Book Name:Rise of a Queen
Author:Rina Kent
Pages:289 pages
Publisher:Blackthorn Books
Release Date:19 November 2020

Rina Kent is an international bestselling author of romance novels. His books are full of darkness, suspense, and twists. She likes to write romantic novels from the heart. Her books are published with a touch of mystery, violence, and lots of passion. Rina lives in a peaceful town in North Africa.

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