Revenge Tom Bower PDF Free Download

Revenge Tom Bower PDF

Revenge Tom Bower PDF Free Download: We are excited to share with you the book Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors” written by Tom Bower.

Revenge Tom Bower PDF

The acclaimed author of a blockbuster biography, Tom Bower, known for meticulous research and descriptive, accurate writing, has revealed a cable television actress for the divisive narcissist she truly is, as many have speculated since her engagement announcement. Although many have tried to sue Bower, none have succeeded since he does his homework and doesn’t state anything that cannot be proven.

If he remains silent on certain aspects of events that aren’t 100% corroborated, a discerning reader will easily discern what he is trying to conceal. As far as I can tell, he covers nearly everything you’ve always wanted to know, with only one speculation left unspoken. Still, riveting & exposing. There’s no wonder “Mrs. Harkle” feared this book’s publication. The book had over 40 chapters, but I couldn’t put it down for long, and I finished it in one weekend!

Throughout the timeline, the Sussex couple narrates their journey of revenge in an engaging, well-written manner. It is Tom Bower’s success in portraying the manipulative, narcissistic, and arrogant Meagan Markle and Harry that is most noteworthy. It amazes me how they engineered and implemented their discrediting strategy. For the article on Meghan Markle, Tom Bower researched people and news stories to provide an accurate portrayal of her desire for worldly fame and wealth.

The whole thing was smoke and mirrors; she had no intention of becoming a royal, and Mr. Bowers proved that. TITLES were important to her, and she wanted to be queen. As Mr. Bowers outlined the crazy life of the duo and showed how all the pieces come together to look at Sussex’s drama, he made it very easy to follow and understand. The book’s format is very easy to follow and it is well-researched.

There is no doubt in this book that narcissistic behavior and pathological lying are not appreciated in the UK just as much as they are here. There will never be another Diana…Megan must accept the fact that she is not Diana. At least Diana had respect for the Monarch. It is an eminently readable and meticulously researched work by Tom Bower. All the questions are answered and all the suspicions are confirmed by his portrait of Meghan Markle.

Her journey from ambitious girl to power-mad woman is patiently described by Bower by presenting her life from the very beginning. To name a few titles Markle has earned, this fascinating read convincingly demonstrates that she deserves these labels: Hypocrite, Narcissist, and Manipulator. If you want the unvarnished truth from the people who know, this book is for you.

About Revenge Tom Bower Free PDF

Book NameRevenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors
AuthorTom Bower
GenreBiographies & Memoirs
Pages464 Pages
PublisherAtria Books
Release Date4 October 2022
File TypePDF or EPUB

Over twenty-five of Tom Bower’s books have been bestselling, including Revenge, Rebel Prince, and Broken Dreams. As an investigative journalist and television producer for the BBC, he is considered one of the best in Great Britain. He lives in London with his wife.

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