Sanghi Who Never Went to a Shakha PDF

Sanghi Who Never Went to a Shakha PDF Free Download

Sanghi Who Never Went to a Shakha PDF: Hi, guys in this article we will share Rahul Roushan’s newly released book on 10 March 2021. Rupa Publications India has published this book with a total of 368 pages in the English language. You can easily read online and download this book from here.

Sanghi Who Never Went to a Shakha PDF

This is a story of the coming of age of an average Indian who has dared to break the shackles of a Nehruvian past and contribute to making a New India. The autobiography of an entire generation that questions Shibboleths like socialism, secularism, and liberalism (defined in a certain way) and unquestioningly accepted as axiomatic.

This book analyses why Hindutva as an ideology is no longer anathema and what brought about this change. Why did a country that was ruled for decades by people espousing Nehruvian secularism suddenly begin to align with the ‘communal politics’ of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)?

The book is the story of this transformation. This is not an autobiography, though it could read like one in parts. It is not even a collection of intellectual essays, though it could read like one in parts. It is the retelling of some historical events and how those events impacted the journey of Rahul Roushan and countless people like him.

The book looks at factors like education, media, technology, and obviously, electoral politics, which played a key role in this transformation. The book also touches upon some of the personal experiences of the author, both as a media entrepreneur and a journalist.

Read this book, and get a microcosmic understanding of the massive social changes taking place in India over the last few decades. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand changing India and emerging Hindutva.

About Sanghi Who Never Went to a Shakha Book

Book Name:Sanghi Who Never Went to a Shakha
Author:Rahul Roushan
Pages:368 pages
Genre:Society & Social Sciences
Publisher:Rupa Publications India
Release Date:10 March 2021

Rahul Roushan is an entrepreneur, media professional, and social commentator. Rahul was born and brought up in Patna, where he graduated in Mathematics (Honours) from Patna University, before getting his journalism diploma from IIMC in New Delhi, and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

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