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Stories We Never Tell Book PDF

Stories We Never Tell Book PDF: If you are looking for Stories We Never Tell written by Savi Sharma, then you are reached the right place.

The Stories We Never Tell Book PDF

This book is perfectly written by Savi Sharma. She is the author of this amazing book. In this world, everyone has the right to love someone else. someone loves you too. We should never be disappointed with ourselves. You have to learn to love yourself. Inside this book, is the story of two people who do not love themselves, Ashray and Jhanvi. The story of both of them can be related to us. This is book is a story of hope, light, and recovery.

Ashray: He is an orphan boy. It was adopted by a woman who loves her very much. This is the first character of this book who is fighting against his problems. Jhanvi: She is a social media-influenced person who loves this digital world. at the end of this story, she breaks down. In this book, the story of both these persons is depicted by the poet in a very beautiful way.

About Stories We Never Tell PDF

Book Name:Stories We Never Tell
Author:Savi Sharma
Book Type:Fiction

Savi Sharma is an Indian novelist. She is the author of many books related to inspirational stories, love, relationship, and life. She always helps those who need happiness and love in their lives. She is India’s best-selling female author. Her most famous books are, Everyone Has A Story 1 & 2 (2016-2018) and, This Is Not Your Story (2017).

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