The Anxious Generation PDF by Jonathan Haidt

The Anxious Generation PDF by Jonathan Haidt

The Anxious Generation: A Book

Download the book The Anxious Generation PDF, written by author Jonathan Haidt and published by Penguin Press on March 26, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 400 pages.

Title:The Anxious Generation
Author:Jonathan Haidt
Publication:Penguin Press
Publication date:March 26, 2024
Total Pages:400
Document type:PDF
File Size:17 MB
The Anxious Generation by Jonathan Haidt’s book information.

About the book

In The Anxious Generation, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt lays out the facts about the epidemic of teen mental illness that hit many countries at the same time. He then investigates the nature of childhood, including why children need play and independent exploration to mature into competent, thriving adults. Haidt shows how the “play-based childhood” began to decline in the 1980s, and how it was finally wiped out by the arrival of the “phone-based childhood” in the early 2010s. He presents more than a dozen mechanisms by which this “great rewiring of childhood” has interfered with children’s social and neurological development, covering everything from sleep deprivation to attention fragmentation, addiction, loneliness, social contagion, social comparison, and perfectionism. He explains why social media damages girls more than boys and why boys have been withdrawing from the real world into the virtual world, with disastrous consequences for themselves, their families, and their societies.

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