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The Bodyguard PDF free download and The Bodyguard: A Novel is written by Katherine Center. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a download link to The Bodyguard PDF. You can instantly download & read online The Bodyguard: A Novel in PDF or ePub format using the following link.

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There is a lot of entertainment, sweetness, and fun in this book. The main characters in Katherine’s books are likable, and she imparts moral lessons without being preachy. There are some twists and turns in this feel-good story, as well as humor. This book is filled with sarcasm, wit, and fun characters, along with just enough drama and conflict to keep you turning the pages.

This easy-to-follow story will make you feel good and smile in this mess of a world. With the banter between Jack and Hannah, and Hannah’s internal monologue, this book’s writing style was phenomenal, and it flowed beautifully, which made it easy to read. The fact that the roles were reversed was one of my favorite things about this book. The woman in the bodyguard romance doesn’t sound like the woman you know. Not in this story!

After going through all this, Hannah has been told to stay away from her job. Having lost everything, she is desperate to escape. A high-profile celebrity needs a bodyguard, and all the details are right there in her state. As she tries to leave the country on assignment, they are refusing to let her leave. The fun begins when she reluctantly accepts the job. I loved Hannah! Her journey is very inspiring and she is such a strong protagonist.

It’s all about Jack, your superstar movie actor. After the death of his brother, he has dropped out of the limelight. His mother needs him to help out with her, so he’s taken on a bodyguard. He has misread Hannah’s appearance as his maid when she shows up at his door. It’s quite literal for her to put him in his place, and everything takes a turn for the worse. Her job is not just to guard him; she is also to act as his fake girlfriend.

Mostly dealing with his family and his past, Jack has a lot on his plate. Some very intense moments resulted from it. Nevertheless, Jack had such a charismatic personality and was such a blast to be around. You’ll also be melted by some of his incredible moments! There are a lot of great supporting characters in addition to the MCs.

There was much needed laughter during Hannah’s intense moments, thanks to a few of her co-workers. It was also wonderful to be around Jack’s family. While this book deals with a lot of heavy topics, it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment. Jack and Hannah were hilarious and I loved them from the beginning. The book contains many fun romance tropes, such as “one bed” and “fake dating.”

I think Center did an excellent job of packing a lot into this book. However, some of it did seem rushed to me, which did not take away from my enjoyment. There are two great character arcs in this book and I enjoyed their journeys. Not only that they had developed together. Despite not realizing it, they are both providing each other with what they need. I loved this romance!

It was a great read and I highly recommend it! In particular, if you’re looking for a romance with some deeper themes. In addition to being a lot of fun, it also had some really great supporting characters. Katherine Center writes her characters in a way that makes them lovable and humorous no matter what happens to them.

When the underdog wins, you can’t help but cheer. There are plenty of funny situations in this quick and easy read. This book is written in a very tasteful manner, which I really enjoyed. The book is full of action and humor – and it also gives us a glimpse of a warm, down-to-earth family. The book is a breath of fresh air, and I highly recommend it.

Details of The Bodyguard PDF by Katherine Center

Book NameThe Bodyguard: A Novel
AuthorKatherine Center
GenreGenre Fiction
Pages320 Pages
PublisherSt. Martin’s Press
Release Date19 July 2022
File TypePDF or EPUB

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Katherine Center is called “the reigning queen of comfort reads” by BookPage. There are over half a dozen New York Times bestsellers by her, including How to Walk Away, Things You Save in a Fire, and What You Wish For. There are laugh-out-loud books in Katherine’s series about how life knocks us down and how we get back up.

As well as comparing her to Jane Austen and Nora Ephron, the Dallas Morning News calls her books, “soul-nourishing and satisfying.” Her books have appeared on numerous Best-Of lists, including RealSimple’s Best Books of 2020, Amazon’s Top 100 Books of 2019, Goodreads’ Best Books of the Year, and many others.

“The Bodyguard,” by Emily Henry, is described as a “shot of pure joy” by the best-selling author. As a Netflix original, Katherine’s novel Happiness for Beginners starring Ellie Kemper is in production, and her novel The Lost Husband (starring Josh Duhamel) hit #1 on Netflix. Her husband, two children, and fluffy-but-fierce dog live in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

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