The Psychology of Money PDF Free Download in Hindi

The Psychology of Money PDF

The Psychology of Money PDF Free Download in Hindi: The book is about the psychological forces that shape the way people think about and handle money. The book covers various aspects of money such as decision-making, biases, emotions, and how they influence people’s financial well-being. The book also provides strategies and techniques for managing money and avoiding common mistakes that people make with their finances.

The Psychology of Money PDF

What does it mean to us? How do we spend and save and invest? How do we connect who we are today to who we might be tomorrow? Morgan Housel forces us to think about the word “risk” from many perspectives. The book is interesting in many ways. The author keeps on surprising with his wonderful understanding of money in different chapters of the book. The premise of this book is that doing well with money has little to do with how smart you are and a lot to do with how you behave. There is no end to money.

It is an important book for investing money. Housel’s easy writing style might give some the impression that this is a casual take on the intersection of psychology and finance. In this book, through the lens of history and personal tales, the author teaches us the most profound insights into the psychology of money.

This is by far the best book about Finance, both personal & global. Easy to understand with real-life examples & learning. The book talks about the difference between getting wealthy and staying wealthy. The author says that many people acquire wealth but fail to preserve wealth and hence it is important to learn how to preserve wealth. The author talks in detail about the role of luck in investing in many places in the book. This book is sure to become a classic in personal finance. There are 20 chapters in the book and each one of them has its own valuable message.

Please note that many of the topics are about stock market investments. So if you don’t have any idea about investing or stock markets then it would be hard to understand. This book is about your habits and behavior towards money. But if you know anything about the stock market, then this is the easiest book you could read about investing. It has 20 small behaviors that we should adopt towards money. Easy to understand and easier to implement. Attached are a few snapshots from the first few chapters just to give you a glimpse!

Morgan is a master storyteller, and the way he has interwoven the Psychology of Money with stories is simply awesome. You won’t be able to put it down once you start reading. All the information is logical and known. Liked the personal touch on why we do what we do and why investment choices are unique. The book is very simple and every common man should read it. It teaches us in a very reasonable way about why and how we make decisions about money and how if we can understand our own psychology about the money we can take better decisions.

Morgan Housel has written it in the easiest possible way and in little chapters not more than a few pages just so we can understand and finish the book easily. This is a must-read for the youngsters of today… or anyone who has still not started saving for the future. Morgan Housel beautifully communicates the idea of saving money!

Book Contents:

  1. No Once Crazy
  2. Luck & Risk
  3. Never Enough
  4. Confounding Compounding
  5. Getting Wealthy vs. Staying \Wealthy
  6. Tails, You Win
  7. Freedom
  8. Man in the Car Paradox
  9. Wealth is What You Don’t See
  10. Save Money
  11. Reasonable> Rational
  12. Surprise
  13. Room for Error
  14. You’ll Change
  15. Nothings Free
  16. You & Me
  17. The Seduction of Pessimism
  18. When You’ll Believe Anything
  19. All Together Now
  20. Confessions

About The Psychology of Money Book PDF in Hindi

Book NameThe Psychology of Money
AuthorMorgan Housel
Total PagesUnknown
PublisherJaico Publishing House
Release DateSeptember 2020

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