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Wish I Could Tell You PDF by Durjoy Datta

Wish I Could Tell You PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the Wish I Could Tell You book which you can read online easily on google drive. You can also download it in the English language. This book was published by Penguin Metro Reads.

Wish I Could Tell You PDF

This is a great love story. A book that has romance at its core. It is interesting and very well written by the Author. It’s about love but different kinds it’s emotional, not physical. It makes you think how love is not only confined to the physical aspect only it focuses on emotional, and psychological love.

This story is of Ananth and Mohini which is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. 246 pages of life, love, a rollercoaster of emotions and so much moreā€¦a twisted tale of life a story that’ll gnaw your emotions so badly. The story is absolutely mind-gripping and is sure to gnaw your emotions! The story plots and the “wedonate.com” office where Anant work, because he believes in all good things and he came helping everyone. “Wedonate.com” fundraising organization that works the helping poor and needy people.

Mohini is a woman, with a lot of ambitions. But not found a perfect place to work. She wants to be a writer but has not found a character to write. After she joins Wedonate.com. Anant and Mohini look at the overlap and how they find exactly what she wants to write for a book looking towards their story.

The book is about two young people falling in love with each other but at different times. When the girl falls in love with the guy, he was sick. When he wakes up he found this girl who sticks to his side when he was unconscious. He fell in love with her after he gains his conscience, but at the time she can not love him back. The author has handled both past n present incidents in a very great manner.

When you start reading it, you make assumptions about the characters and their stories but when you move further it’s like a whole new thing happening and you find yourself puzzled, eager to know more and more!!! The beginning of the book is a bit confusing, but as soon as the dots join, the story becomes interesting. There is suspense hidden on every page you read.

This book is not your regular romance it’s a very highly unconventional romance this book has very simple language and yet a story that is too powerful. This book is packed with strong characters intense emotions a gripping plot and some very very different and surprising twists.

Book is written in a very simple language and hence it can be picked up by just anybody who loves reading even. If you are a beginner-level reader you can easily pick this book up that being said even if you are a voracious reader. This is a book that’ll surprise you and charm you to no end.

This book is talking about the story of these two people a monk who is a guy who sees good in everybody, he is a very good kind himself he is full of positivity he loves to see the beauty of everything he loves to find goodness in everything that he does and every person that he meets or comes across.

It shows different shades of love. You will find so many things in this there Parental love, True Friendship, Different types of emotions (conflicted ones ), Heartbreak, Empathy, and Different points of view. It’s kind of a novel where you come across reality. It’s the kind of love story that makes you think “Is this kind of love really Possible” The story is captivating. It is flawless. It is just awesome. It will make you cry and laugh.

The book gets to reveals many secrets and gets to the end with a tinge of expectation. The reader is introduced to Protagonist Ananth, who is bedridden, with cancer treatment. He needs money for the operation, so he came to a crowdfunding organization ” Wedonate.com”.

About Wish I Could Tell You Read Online

Book Name:Wish I Could Tell You
Author:Durjoy Datta
Pages:226 pages
Publisher:Penguin Metro Reads
Release Date:23 October 2019

Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, India, and completed a degree in engineering and business management before embarking on a writing career. He lives in Mumbai and is an active Crossfitter. Durjoy has to his credit two television shows, Sadda Haq (Channel V) and Veera (Star Plus), both of which have done exceedingly well on Indian television.

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